Midjourney 5.2: Enhanced Image Fidelity and Exciting Features (Zoom, Vary, Shorten)

This is an exciting time for Midjourney users as the highly anticipated version 5.2 has been released. Not only does this update bring significant improvements in overall image fidelity and aesthetic, but it also introduces a range of amazing features that have long been awaited. In this article, we will explore the key highlights of Midjourney version 5.2, including pro tips and interesting experiments that are sure to inspire you. So, let’s dive in and discover what this update has to offer.

Midjourney 5.2

Overview of Midjourney 5.2

If you’re a Midjourney user, you may already be running version 5.2, as it is set on by default. However, it’s important to note that the raw mode from version 5.1 is still available. The raw mode in version 5.2 is slightly more subtle compared to the standard mode, which allows for a less imaginative experience. Additionally, two new options have been introduced: high variation mode and low variation mode. By default, the mode is set to high variation, and it is recommended to leave it that way.

These options offer different levels of variation in the generated outputs, which we will explore further in the following sections. Furthermore, Mid Journey’s language model has also been improved, enhancing its understanding of user prompts and delivering more accurate results.

Midjourney 5.2 New Features:

  • Improved aesthetics and sharpness: The model has been trained on a new dataset of images, which results in more detailed and realistic outputs.
  • Enhanced coherence: The model is now better at understanding and following prompts, resulting in images that are more consistent with the user’s intent.
  • New /shorten command: This command allows users to analyze their prompts and identify unnecessary words, which can help to improve the quality of the outputs.
  • Zoom out feature: This feature allows users to zoom out of their images, which can be helpful for creating panoramic or landscape scenes.
  • Variation mode: This new mode allows users to control the amount of variation in their outputs. This can be helpful for exploring different creative possibilities.

A Comparison between Midjourney Version 5.1 and Version 5.2

  • Significant improvement in image quality
  • Higher fidelity in version 5.2
  • Noticeable improvement in rendering
  • Better balanced colors in version 5.2
  • Addressed oversaturation issue in version 5.1

Comparison between Midjourney Version 5.1 and Version 5.2

Let’s take a moment to compare the results of version 5.1 and version 5.2. In a recent video on prompting, an example of a photograph was provided using version 5.1. The same prompt was then tested in version 5.2 and the difference was remarkable.

The overall image quality and fidelity in version 5.2 showed significant improvement. The model’s rendering of a businessman, for instance, looked notably better than in version 5.1. The colors in version 5.2 were also better balanced, addressing the oversaturation issue observed in the standard mode of version 5.1.

Enhanced Stylization and Variation

  • Experiment with different styles
  • Adjust stylization parameters
  • Range of stylization effects
  • New variation options
  • Strong or subtle variations
  • Easy prompt swapping
  • Exciting opportunities for experimentation

Enhanced Stylization and Variation

Version 5.2 introduces enhanced stylization options that add a whole new level of creativity to your generated outputs. Stylized prompts allow you to experiment with different styles and aesthetics. By adjusting the stylization parameters, you can achieve a range of effects.

For example, a prompt with a stylization value of 1000 results in a highly stylized output, while a value of 500 combines elements of both stylized and non-stylized rendering.

Moreover, the new variation options provide the ability to vary the generated outputs strongly or subtly. This allows you to explore different possibilities and find the perfect fit for your creative vision.

With a simple click of a button, you can swap out the prompt and observe the variations in the generated images. This feature opens up exciting opportunities for experimentation and inspiration.

Creative Possibilities with Zoom Out

  • Expands visual scope
  • Allows exploration of new perspectives
  • Enhances creative potential
  • Works well with variation options
  • Enables consistent character scenes

Creative Possibilities with Zoom Out

One of the marquee features of Midjourney version 5.2 is Zoom Out. This feature allows you to zoom out from your base prompt and create larger frames for your generated images. By zooming out, you can expand the visual scope and explore new perspectives. The possibilities are endless, and you can let your imagination run wild.

Combining Zoom Out with variation options unlocks even more creative potential. You can create consistent character scenes by using the same base character image and applying different zoom levels and variations. This feature is especially useful when you want to maintain a consistent look and feel across multiple scenes.

The Exciting Feature of Shorten

Exciting Feature of Shorten

Shorten is an exciting feature in Midjourney version 5.2 that provides valuable insights into Mid Journey’s thought process. Long prompts can be challenging to work with, and in previous versions, they often required detailed explanations. However, with Shorten, you can now create shorter prompts and still get accurate and meaningful results.

Shorten generates five shortened prompts and provides a fully weighted token summary. This summary gives you a clear understanding of how Mid Journey interprets and prioritizes different elements of your prompt. It also helps identify any token weights that may have been overlooked or ignored by the model. This feature significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the generation process.

Additional Fun Experiments and Features

In addition to the aforementioned features, Midjourney version 5.2 offers even more exciting experiments and functionalities. For example, the Insight Face Swapper still works seamlessly, allowing you to explore amusing and creative possibilities with face swapping. Furthermore, the update showcases the dedication of Mid Journey to continually improve its capabilities and cater to the needs of its users.


Midjourney 5.2 brings forth a range of improvements and features that enhance the image generation experience. From enhanced image fidelity and stylization options to creative possibilities with zooming out and creating consistent character scenes, this update opens up new avenues for artistic expression. The introduction of the Shorten feature provides valuable insights into Mid Journey’s decision-making process. Overall, Midjourney version 5.2 is an impressive update that combines technical advancements with user-friendly functionalities. We encourage users to explore the new features, experiment with different prompts and settings, and share their own tips and tricks. With Midjourney 5.2, the possibilities are endless, and the journey of creative expression continues to evolve.

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Can I still use the raw mode in Midjourney 5.2?

Yes, the raw mode is still available in Midjourney version 5.2, providing a more subtle and nuanced experience compared to the standard mode.

How does the Zoom Out feature work in MidJourney 5.2?

The Zoom Out feature in Mid Journey version 5.2 allows you to expand the visual scope of your generated images by zooming out from the base prompt. This feature unlocks new creative possibilities and allows for unique perspectives.

Can I create consistent character scenes using Zoom and Variation in version 5.2?

Yes, by combining the Zoom Out feature with variation options, you can create consistent character scenes using the same base character image. Adjusting the zoom levels and variations allows for customization and continuity across different scenes.

What is the significance of the Shorten feature in MidJourney?

The Shorten feature in Mid Journey version 5.2 enables users to create shorter prompts while still obtaining accurate and meaningful results. It provides a token summary that helps understand how the model interprets and prioritizes different elements of the prompt, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Are there any other exciting updates or experiments in version 5.2?

In addition to the features discussed in this article, Midjourney version 5.2 introduces various other enhancements and experiments, such as the Insight Face Swapper. These updates showcase the continuous development and commitment of Mid Journey to provide an exceptional user experience.

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